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Pre-school is where we build a spiritual, curious, and loving foundation in each child. It takes a big heart to help shape little minds.

Pre-school consist of infants through 4 year-olds. Play is the highest form of research, that allows children to learn without having to go through pressure. A child must know that they are a miracle, from the beginning of their time, until the end of this world.

There will never be another child like them. Children love knowing that they’re appreciated by the people around them and value what they have to say. Praise them and let them know that they are a blessing.

Here at Miracle Academy, we teach knowing that each child is unique and that they will leave their own mark on this world.


SC First Steps 4K offers free, full-day four-year-old kindergarten to qualifying children in South Carolina.

Miracle Academy offers the K4 First Steps program here making it easy for families to give their child/ren a high-quality program that meets their educational needs.

Lower School

Miracle Academy lower school consists of students in grades K-4th grade.

Our students are just beginning their academic journey and are often eager to learn and explore the world around them.

Our experienced teachers focus on building a strong foundation in Bible, reading, writing, and math, while also incorporating social and emotional learning into their curriculum.

Classrooms are often bright and colorful, filled with age-appropriate books, toys, and learning materials.

Our students also participate in special activities such as field trips, assembly programs, and holiday celebrations.

Overall, Miracle Academy sets the stage for a successful academic career and helps students develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Upper School

The Upper School is designed to provide and enhance every opportunity for the success of our students. We embrace the idea that every student can achieve by extending exciting programs in, Grammar, Composition, Mathematics, History, Science, Geography, Bible, Spanish, and Computer Literacy. 

The program is teamed with virtual lessons with onsite teachers giving hands on stimulating experiences. We are committed to our mission to educate the whole student academically, socially and spiritually.

Extra-Curricular Activities




Piano Lessons



Drama Club